Crawley Dog Walkers

Treating your pets like royalty 👑


Hey I'm Lauren! The founder and owner of Crawley Dog Walkers, let me tell you a bit about me

I am a happy and polite dog enthusiast who loves to be around animals. For years I worked in an office surrounded by computers and I found myself at my desk dreaming of being outside in nature. Finally, after years of dreaming I decided to take the plunge!

I grew up in a household that was full of animals of all varieties including dogs, cats, ferrets, chinchilla's, chickens, lizards, stick insects, guinea pigs, cockatoo’s, domesticated rats, fish and a tank of giant African snails.

As you can imagine through the years, I have gathered a wealth of experience in caring for a lot of different animals.

When I decided to create this business, I signed up to a pets first aid course and really enjoyed it, this led me to embark on a dog walking & pet sitting diploma which I completed in November 2019.

I understand that your pets are often not just animals but are a part of your family and deserve the upmost care and respect. I will treat all dogs I walk or pets I look after as if they were one of my own so they will benefit from my full attention, love and protection.

My services are fully insured and I hold an up to date DBS check so you can be reassured that your pets will be safe and happy in my care.

Thank You for visiting my website and please drop me an email or give me a call if you have any questions. Bye for now!