Hello Friends & Pet Parents,

How are you all?

I am hoping that you are all keeping safe and well during the lock-down!

To cheer you all up here are a few pictures of some of my gorgeous clients as well as some nature shots that I took myself during a walk around Buchan Park!


This first image is one that I took on the walk from my house to Buchan, it was early evening and very quiet. The road was empty apart from one police van in the distance. It was strangely tranquil. I took this picture so that I can look back in a years time when (hopefully) everything is back to normal and remind myself of how we all pulled together and how even in a time of mania you can find peace.


This image makes me happy because I have been working hard with Smithy to teach him 'sit' and 'stay' commands to get him ready for group walks in the future. In this picture I am not holding him (the lead is at my feet) but he is being a very good boy and as you can see he is sitting and staying! The result is a great picture! Good job Smithy!!


Picture #3 is one of my favourite clients Ollie. He is such a good boy and walks really well on and off the lead. He has been socialised from a young age and has walked in group walks since he was a youngster! I have been walking him for about 3 months now and our relationship has really strengthened over that time. Ollie is  an older boy but when it comes to a pond or a stick he is like a puppy again!


Bluebells are so beautiful! Here is another original shot that I took on one of my daily exercise walks. I have seen a few posts flying about asking people to post pictures of bluebells in support of the NHS. I guess because of the colour association, blue for the NHS... Bluebells.  So, here is a picture of bluebells and a big Thank You NHS workers.


This is another one of my clients, Rosie. She is absolutely gorgeous!
A week or so before lock-down I began training her up for group walks, she did really well! Sadly, I haven't seen her in the last few weeks as I am only servicing key workers at the moment. I miss her (and all of my other clients) and cant wait to get back to training when this is all over.


I took this image yesterday during my walk, the flowers remind me of the ones you find on a pink plum tree. Spring is such a lovely time to work outside, you get to see the flowers blooming, the weather improves and the trees grow back their leaves. The dogs I walk love sniffing the plants and a lot of them like to sunbathe as well!


Speaking of sunbathing dogs... Dolly and her sister LOVE to lay in their garden and enjoy the sun. These two are such characters and they both have such warm and fun personalities!


Smithy on the other hand likes getting his tan on at the park. This image was from a few days ago, we had just played fetch with a stick ( a game he loves!) and he was a bit tired out!


I like this picture because the flowers look like little banana's.  This picture was taken just before sun-down during my hours exercise, just after this I tried to get a picture of a duck flying (jumping?) out of the lake and onto the bank where I was standing. It didn't go well...


Lastly, here is a picture of me. My first ever 'promo' picture which was taken at Tilgate Park. When I look at this picture it makes me feel happy and grateful to have such an amazing job. Thank you to all of my clients new & existing for trusting me with your dogs and allowing me to train, exercise and socialise them as they should be. I love them all as if they were my own and it really lifts me up seeing them happy everyday.

All thats left to say now is that I hope you all enjoyed the pictures and I pray you all stay safe and healthy during this time. It wont be long now! 🤞

Much Love,

L x