Hello Friends & Pet Parents!

Recently I have had a lot of my clients and friends tell me that they are finding it hard to cope during lock down due to anxiety and fear over leaving the house. Whether they are going to work, going shopping or walking their dogs!

It doesn't help matters that there has been a recent string of reported assaults on female joggers / lone women in the area, which is making people hesitant to walk their dogs in parks or more enclosed spaces.

So what can I do to help?

I am starting up a 'social' dog walk  for people who have dogs and would like to socialise them in a safe and friendly environment.

If you are working part-time, on furlough or out of work at the moment you dont have to worry because these events are totally FREE.

Monday Meets - A chance to bring your dogs down to meet other dogs from the community. This will run for an hour and is a great chance to meet other dog owners in your area whilst abiding to social distancing guidelines.

All owners will be responsible for the safety of themselves and their dogs. I expect all dog owners to keep a safe distance from other members of the public just as you would if you were out on a walk yourself.  This event has been created with the idea of helping people & animals during this tough time, improving mental health and creating a sense of community.

Anyone not abiding by social distancing guidelines will be asked to leave.

This event will be hosted by me, and will run weekly from 6th July 2020.

Location with vary by week but will be in an open outside area such as a local field or park.

I look forward to meeting you and your dogs!

Bye for now!

L x